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Are you feeling sluggish or fatigued at least one time per week? There could be a number of factors, many of which you can control!

The first few weeks of January always seem to hold so much promise and hope for what the coming year will bring. Many of us say “This will be the year I ____.” How many times has February rolled around, only to find that we let those promising first weeks of January slowly slip by?

The first full week of the year always brings a lot of excitement for me. It's a time to get refocused after the holidays, and to get excited about all the people I want to be able to help in the next year.

I was diagnosised with migranes at 12 years old. That began at least four years of taking horrible medication when I would feel the migrane coming on, followed by having to lay in a completely dark room in silence.

When it comes to salads, for me anything goes. Steak and ground sausage are two of my favorite toppings for a dark green bed of spinach. If you're trying to add more vegetables to your diet, making a salad into a meal can be as simple as reaching for leftovers.

Do you ever feel physical ailments when you are mentally stressed? Ever wonder why?

Pain in the temple area. Throbbing that effects your concentration. A dull ache that slows your thinking and annoys you all day.

Every woman will experience a change in hormonal balance from puberty to menopause. One major difference is how the changes manifest as symptoms. Some women experience debilitating cramping with menstruation, while others may not. Menopausal symptoms can vary wildly as well, but traditional treatment for these symptoms seems to be the same regardless of the symptoms.

It’s that time of year to be out and about on boats, at the beach, or even just driving around in this nice sunny weather. Here are some things I want you to think about before you slather on the sunscreen. As I pointed out in a previous blog about skin health, what you use on your skin finds its way into your body.

Chiropractic care is not only safe for the majority of post-spinal surgery patients, but is highly beneficial. Most spinal surgeries change the biomechanics of the spine, especially spinal fusions.

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