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NEO Light Therapy Bed

Discover the NEO Light Therapy Bed

Help your body reach its full potential with combination light therapy from the NEO Light Therapy Bed. In just a matter of minutes, you can achieve a lower level of stress, inflammation, and musculoskeletal pain — all while seeing dramatic improvements in mood, sleep, and skin health.

Harnessing the Power of Light

The NEO Light Therapy Bed is based on the concept of photobiomodulation, which describes the series of changes that occur in the body in response to certain wavelengths of light (colors). When these wavelengths are absorbed by light-sensitive cells in the skin, a chemical reaction is set into motion that produces physically therapeutic effects.

Photobiomodulation is a highly safe and effective technique used to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting overall health. By using different colors (wavelengths), the NEO Light Therapy Bed stimulates restorative biological mechanisms in each level of the skin to accelerate healing and tissue repair.

NEO Light Therapy Bed Diagram

How Does It Work?

In just 8 minutes, the NEO Light Therapy Bed cycles through three different light therapy modes to deliver the most effective healing for lasting relief and long-term wellness.

NEO Light Therapy Bed Mode 1

Mode 1 | Restore

Each session begins with red and infrared light that penetrates into the deep subcutaneous tissue, promoting activity in the body’s natural healing and restorative mechanisms. This mode specifically treats injuries and pain caused by physical trauma. The natural cascades stimulated by the red light directly increase circulation, mitochondrial activity, cell regeneration, and collagen growth. As a result, patients see significant improvements in muscle and joint stiffness, systemic inflammation, and quality of sleep.

NEO Light Therapy Bed Mode 2

Mode 2 | Calm

Next, the green and infrared light mode works in the dermis (the second layer of skin) to bring calm and healing to the surrounding tissues. In addition to clinical benefits, like fewer migraines and reduced sensitivity to light, green light therapy also improves the appearance of dark spots, skin tone, capillaries, skin under the eyes, and more.

NEO Light Therapy Bed Mode 3

Mode 3 | Cleanse

The last cycle is a combination of red and blue light designed to simultaneously target subcutaneous tissue and the epidermis. The final step is meant to enhance the overall appearance of the skin by reducing the number of bacteria responsible for blemishes. At the end of the session, patients feel significant improvements in mood, alertness, attention, and focus.

We’re excited to add the NEO Light Therapy Bed to our growing list of non-invasive treatments proven to help a variety of health conditions. Call us at 843-225-2550 or schedule an appointment to get started today.