stem cell therapy

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Treatment Of Joint Degeneration

​​​​​Painful joints have often been treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibuprophen or naproxen. These drugs are commonly used to treat the symptoms only of arthritis. Overtime since the actual problem is not being addressed these patients require some type of surgery or even a total joint replacement. Total joint replacements have long recovery periods and are almost never the patient's first choice of treatment. These limitations of existing treatments have led doctors to look for other ways to effectively treat arthritis and degenerative related joint pain.

Don't operate, Regenerate!

Amniotic Tissue Allograph Injection (Amino)
Since joint degeneration involves the breakdown of cartilage, injection involving growth factors, proteins, amino acids, a matrix of collagen (A collective tissue found in the body), haluronic acid and stem cells makes sense in aid of repairing a joint.

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