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I began treatment at the Charleston Pain Relief Center in mid-October of 2015 from chronic migraine headaches. When I came in I had been having a headache for six days straight. The staff was kind, caring and compassionate. They encouraged me to continue treatment even though the headaches continued. I am so happy that I did! Though my migraines headaches have not stopped completely, I can say that the frequency of my headaches have decreased in the past three weeks. Prior to treatment I had been experiencing headaches weekly and for several days a week in some cases. I am so thankful that I gave this a try.


Caring staff, knowledgeable doctors and nurses. They look at the whole picture and help!

Carson W.

I truly feel better than I have felt in years. For so long I neglected my body and finally made the decision to take care of me. I'm so glad that I did. The doctors are knowledgeable and the staff is so warm, welcoming, and attentive. I well on my way to recovery, my body feels the difference.

Shawn F.

After months of searching and going to doctor after doctor, and seeing multiple specialists - this was my last resort. As my last resort, it has been the best experience EVER!!!! Each and ever person here truly cares about me and my progress. I am SOOOOO thankful for everyone here. I have recommended the Charleston Pain Relief Center to as many people as I can. Come. Call. Don't wait any longer. If there isn't an "answer", come here. They WILL do everything they can to get you back to normal as quickly and effectively as possible."

Sarah B.

I am not sure what I love more about this place: their logical and natural approach to health and wellness, their commitment to make me understand what's going on at all times (and just wait to hear [them] explaining what's going on, you can understand even if you're 3!), their continuous search for alternatives and solutions, or their friendly, welcoming and accommodating staff... Long story short? They are part of my lifetime plan to stay healthy and pain-free and I encourage everybody I know to go see them!"

Iulia L.

I went to a chiropractor years ago and I absolutely hated it so when I came here I was very stand off about the whole thing. But after being a patient with them I actually started to feel some relief. You can really tell that they care about their patients. They do everything possible to help and work with you as much as you need. I could never go to another chiropractic center after going to this place. They are definitely the best at what they do!"

Tori H.

I absolutely love this place! I've been coming here for years and they have helped improve my health greatly!!! If you are looking for an excellent physical medicine office, this is the place for you!"

Jessica R.

I have been a patient @ CPRC for a few years. I have been very impressed with [the providers]. All of these fine practitioners were instrumental in healing my neck and shoulder pain. I would definitely recommend this facility for care."

Catherine D.

I didn't think much about chiropractic when I started. Thought it was kinda hokey...but after going regularly once a week, I have been able to walk straight, and learned how to eliminate pain. The staff is friendly, and I actually enjoy going. I learned about them from a workplace wellness fair, and I am glad I did!"

Deborah M.

The first chiropractic doctor I've ever been to an would not change it for the world. I go in there hurting an I come out feeling awesome. The best chiropractic doctors I have ever seen. So if your in pain and need a chiropractic doctor you must come to the Charleston Pain Relief Center."

Krucher B.

Staff is professional and caring. I have only had two sessions to date, but, I am already feeling relief from my back and neck pain along with better stability. I am 77 years of age. This is the most relief of pain that I have had in the past 20 years.

P.S More later."

Gerald A.

This place is awesome, they really get the job done! I have had my back adjusted in places I didn't even know could be worked on, and my neck...I always leave feeling ten times better than I did when I walked in. Then I go and lay on their massage beds one vibrates the massage in your back and my favorite *the grey bed* kneeds a roller deep into your back and everything is real quick and easy."

Lauren E.

I came into this office not being able to run on the elliptical for longer than three minutes due to the severe knee pain I would experience when trying to do so. Now after being treated by the doctors at this facility I can do whatever exercise that I choose at the gym without knee pain. I lived with this for years, but now thanks to these guys I don't have to anymore."


The Charleston Pain Relief Center is awesome. The staff and doctors are amazing. I not only got relief, they fixed my bad back. Here's to many years of pain free living."


I haven't been able to crochet in a year- I CAN DO IT NOW! I was walking with a limp for almost a year- I AM WALKING LIMP FREE! I feel good! I feel well! I can see without my glasses!

Because of my wonderful doctors, they've introduced me into a healthier life style to eliminate pain.

I am forever excited about being pain free and eating a proper non food inflammatory source everyday

Read your labels, listen to your heart and pay attention to what these doctors tell you! I'm pain free!

Thank you for your professionalism and encouragement

Thank you Nancy for being the best of the best!

I love you guys!"

Susan S.

Prior to receiving treatment @ CPRC I experienced frequent headaches and lower back pain. Upon completion of my program of care I am feeling better than I have felt in years!!! THANKS Drs.!!! Also, none of this fantastic care and service would be possible without the Fantastic Nancy!!!"

Shaunyetta M.R.

Having been a patient of the Charleston Pain Relief Center for over a year now, not only have I found relief for my back and neck pain but I have also managed to make it to month 7 of being pregnant with very minor discomfort. Anytime I need to be seen the same day Dr. Tharnish has always been able to fit me in and as my life has changed they have been able to provide me with care every step of the way meeting my changing needs. I would recommend them to anyone interested in treating and resolving their actual problems with lasting results. I now have my husband going to Charleston Pain Relief Center and have recommended several friends who have been amazed they can live life without daily pain medication. Thank you!"

Elizabeth H-E.

~ Elizabeth's baby was discovered to be breech presentation (feet first) after this was written. Through treatment in our office her little one was able to turn on her own and was born without complication in the water at the Charleston Birth Place.

I can honestly say I was previously "not" a believer in chiropractics. Fortunately I met Dr. Matt Jenkins & very quickly became a believer... I am well on my way to becoming pain free and cannot begin to express how thankful I am to Matt, Angela & their wonderful staff for all they have done. I could hardly walk & was told I needed a ...total knee replacement to get any functionality back. Thank goodness I found another option; with Dr. Matt's help I have gained a lot of mobility in just a few weeks & look forward to my continuing improvements. I highly recommend Charleston Pain Relief Center & will always be thankful to them!"

Vicki B.

I could probably write a novel on all the wonderful things ya'll have done for David. I, along with his physical and occupational therapist, strongly believe he would not be what he is today with out ya'll. I wish I could put into words the progress David has made since beginning to see ya'll 8 months ago but I feel it is honestly som...ething you have had to witness. He has already made it so much further than anyone expected and continues to amaze me and anyone else he comes in contact with that knows his story. He is a completely different child both physically and socially because of the flexibility and the confidence he has gained in working with ya'll. We are so thankful to have ya'll (and your staff!) as a part of David's care team look forward to sharing many more milestones and accomplishments with ya'll!"

Sarahann P.

- David started treatment in our office when he was approximately 9 months old. He suffered brain damage from high bilirubin levels (jaundice) at birth.

I am so grateful for the day that my daughter introduced me to Dr. Angela Tharnish. I have had excruciating peroneal longus (lower leg pain) for so long, that I had learned to just live with it. I have been treated by three different physical therapists, but the pain remained consistent at a level 10. After several months of varied chiropractic techniques and manipulation, I noticed the pain would come and go. Before long, I was down to a 6, though still intermittent. It took a while, but with Dr. Tharnish’s and my persistence, the pain diminished. One day I realized that I had reached my optimal level of improvement, and was able to walk and run. Dr. Tharnish never gave up on me. My pain level was at zero! When did this happen? That’s what I call first rate service!

The facilities at CPRC are very clean and the atmosphere is calming. Dr. Tharnish has a very professional and open attitude and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health and sense of well-being through non-invasive treatments.

Of 6 prior chiropractors, Dr. Tharnish is the only one who has provided me any pain relief. She has made a HUGE difference in my life and I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Chiropractor that will actually help you!

God bless you and your practice, Dr. Tharnish!"

Georgette S.

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